Posted on September 26, 2020

R. J. Ciancio

A World of Wonder

By Scott Adamson   Playing the “What if?” game is pointless, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. And when applied to sports, it often opens up a whole new conversation. Meanwhile, everything was all rainbows and unicorns for the 12-team WFL – at least as far as the general public knew. The Southern […]

Posted on September 16, 2020

R. J. Ciancio

Remembering the RFL

By Scott Adamson   Alternative football leagues all share three common traits. Namely, when a new circuit is formed its officials will tell you: They’ve learned from the mistakes of past leagues. They promise to be fiscally responsible. They’ll curb the insatiable appetite fans have for more football. It all sounds good, but to date […]