Freedom Football League Looks to Change the Game

On July, 9 the Freedom Football League (FFL) held their first of eight virtual roundtable live streams. Via Facebook Live.  Each roundtable discussion will focus on one of the FFL’s 8 Pillars of belief.  This first roundtable revolved around social justice.  Among others,  participants included some familiar faces, former XFL Head of Communications and Media Relations Stephanie Rudnick, Trebel Music co-founder and CEO Bob Vanech (who sued Charlie Ebersol for fifty percent of the Alliance of American Football due to a handshake deal), and ex-NFL running back Ricky Williams.


The FFL is positioning their football league as a movement that promotes social justice. In contrast to the NFL’s handling the National Anthem protests headed by Colin Kaepernick, the FFL has made it clear that It will back players who promote change in and out of football. It is important to note that the FFL was not founded in reaction to Geroge Llyod’s murder, as its formation back on December 6 2018 on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”


Another point of emphasis was that the ownership and management of teams will be primarily in the hands of former players. Not only will the league founders have ownership, but players and fans will be able to become partial owners of the teams. There hasn’t been a league that has taken this approach, and it will be interesting to see how the former players adapt to their new roles.


The date of their next roundtable discussion has yet to be announced.