I Miss Arena Football Video Games

Who remembers the old arena football games Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) put out for the Playstation 2 and original Xbox? Those were fun, you had custom teams, historic teams and even the Arena Football League’s old farm system, Arena Football 2 was featured in the second game. Those were fun and I miss them.


I don’t see EA Sports making an indoor/arena football game again since the sport isn’t as mainstream as it once was but there was a game called Maximum Football for the PC that came out back in 2006. If the game sounds familiar it’s because Canuck Play recently took the title up and has a new football game under the same name with american and canadian variations. So why is this revival of the game important? The new Maximum Football game has a partnership from The Spring League, a developmental outdoor league. This is important because there is a precedent of Canuck Play partnering with a smaller league. I hope some of the indoor leagues can strike up a deal if they ever put an indoor function back in the game


Maybe one day we can live in a world where we can play indoor/arena football games online against each other.