Mark My Words: Week 6 XFL Power Rankings

Week 5 saw more quarterback changes and our highest scoring game on the season. Let’s get to it!

  1. Houston Roughnecks 5-0 (Last week: 1): There is not much to say about this team. Not a great game but this team just finds way to win. This week Houston travels to New York.
  2. St. Louis BattleHawks 3-2 (Last week: 2): Worst game of the year for St. Louis. The defense did everything they could to keep this team in the game but the offense couldn’t keep up it’s end of the bargain. This is where this team needs to open the offense up a bit more then just relying on it’s run game so much. This week St. Louis travels to Tampa Bay.
  3. DC Defenders 3-2 (Last week: 5): It wasn’t a perfect week for this team but a win over a tough team is a step in the right direction. Tyree Jackson came into the game for Jones, who was benched. Jackson wasn’t asked to throw a lot but was able to lead a touchdown drive for this team. It was good to see this team get the run game going. DC gets to stay home where they are undefeated and they welcome Dallas to town.
  4. New York Guardians 3-2 (Last week: 6): Another game for Luis Perez – and a much better performance from him this week. New York has seemed to find their quarterback and rhythm. The offense opened up with more passes down the field. This defense played another strong game, even scoring a touchdown. The main issue is fixing the special teams as they allowed another return touchdown. New York has a tough test at home this week with Houston.
  5. LA Wildcats 2-3 (Last week: 7): Another week where the defense struggled, but WOW! Did the offense show up. 41 points is the highest for any team so far this season. Josh Johnson has put this team on his back. The run game needs work to take some pressure off of this passing game. This week LA travels to Seattle for another late Sunday night game.
  6. Tampa Bay Vipers 1-4 (Last week: 4): Tampa went across country and almost pulled out the win. The same issue that’s plagued them all season: turnovers, they showed their ugly face, again. Cornelius had another strong performance but had a late game interception to seal the defeat. The defense did not play as well as they have these past few weeks. This week Tampa faces St. Louis at home.
  7. Dallas Renegades 2-3 (Last week: 3): A new quarterback and offensive coordinator leads me to doubt this teams chances. Nelson struggled again this week. This is his second start without leading a touchdown drive in either game. Dallas is the only team to not win at home yet. I think this defense is being wasted on a bad team. This week Dallas travels to DC.
  8. Seattle Dragons 1-4 (Last week: 8): This team had a shot pulling the biggest upset of the season. They had Houston on the ropes. Then they started to fall apart on offense. BJ Daniels definitely gave this offense a spark but when Houston made adjustments – he couldn’t overcome them. This is another team wasting a good defense on a bad team. This week Seattle will play LA at home with no fans in the stands.

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~Mark Angst

Analyst of XFL Now and co-host of AFN Live