New York Guardians Uniform Review

On December 3rd, the New York Guardians released their home and away uniforms. Today I will go over my thoughts of the uniforms. The team colors meanings are the following, per the team’s Facebook Page.


Silver: Sentries carved in stone, watching above the metropolis‬

Black: Shielded streets standing guard over our city‬

Red: The burning ambition of our everyday heroes‬


Home uniform:

I love this polished, bad-boy look. I’ve been a sucker for the Oakland Raiders colors and seeing this with a third color (in this case red) to give the uniforms a bit of extra pop. This top, is something that not only looks good on a player, but it will also look amazing in sports bars and display cases around the world. These pants and socks very plain but in a badass way. If you are a fan of the National Football League’s (NFL) color rush uniforms you are going to love these home uniforms. If you don’t love the NFL’s color rush, maybe you won’t be the biggest fan, but no matter how you slice it these uniforms are slick. 


Away uniform:

The away uniform has the same design as the home variation with a palette swap. The grey and black swap locations (excluding the helmet and socks). I love it when a team takes a risk and decides to have a non-white away uniform. It gives the team some personality as it says “Yeah, grey is our second color but we still rock it!” I don’t think this uniform is for the traditionalist football fans who have only seen their team wear white in away games and it eliminates any need for an alternate/third uniform.