Tampa Bay Vipers Uniform Review

It’s taken me a bit to digest the look the Tampa Bay Vipers were been given on December 3rd, but today I will go over my thoughts of the uniforms. The inspiration for the uniforms are as follows per the XFL website:


 “This is a team that slithered out of prehistoric Gulf Coast swamps, demons born in darkness. In the shadows they wait, sheathed in skins of dark green scales, with a venomous hiss and a dangerous charm.


The flickering tails shine like a glimmer of green, swift and serpentine. Their grip is inescapable. Their bite, unavoidable. With hoods crowned by fangs of gold, they stalk their competition in cold blood, luing all who challenge then into the jaws of defeat.


These are the Tampa Bay Vipers. #ReadyToStrike in February 2020.” 


Home Uniforms:                                                                           

I think having a kelly green in almost any uniform is a good thing, pairing with yellow gives the uniforms some pop to them, but dear lord, that lime green is just abysmal. I don’t like it as a helmet color, as a side stripe, a pant stripe or a sock. I think my biggest gripe is that these two greens clash like two sumo wrestlers in a dohyo. If you are a big fan of the color green, this uniform is for you, if not, you might want to turn your head.  



Away Uniform:

I honestly am so close to loving this uniform but there is one thing that irks me; the helmet and stripe colors are clashing greens. The issue is you can’t have a kelly green helmet and kelly green as the base for a logo. With the white on kelly green these uniforms look badass. Maybe if scales were worked into this away uniform I would be more supportive. Overall the away uniform is decent enough but I can’t stand the home outfits.