The Squared Root: IFL Week 2 Power Rankings

The Indoor Football League’s 2020 season started this past weekend with two games! The Quad City Steamwheelers and San Diego Strike Force came out of the weekend with wins. The Bismarck Bucks and Cedar Rapids River Kings were on the losing end of the those games. With only four teams out of the thirteen that make up the IFL, it seems like a second week power rankings is probably unnecessary, right? Not here at AFNN! I’m going to do weekly rankings regardless of how many games are being played because you never know when the rankings might change!

1. Sioux Falls Storm(1) – Result: DNP

No surprise here as the Storm don’t drop from the top spot. They didn’t play this week, Their first game will come on March 15th at home when they host the Bismarck Bucks.

2. Arizona Rattlers(2) – Result: DNP

Just like the Storm, the Rattlers did not play this week, either. So, another team that stayed put, as well. Their first games isn’t until Saturday, March 21st when they travel to battle the Quad City Steamwheelers.

3. Tuscon Sugar Skulls(3) – Result: DNP

Tuscon stays put at three, as they didn’t play this week either. Their first game comes in week three, on the road, when they travel to war with the Cedar Rapids River Kings.

4. Green Bay Blizzard(4) – Result: DNP

The Blizzard join the top three teams with bye weeks in week one. Green Bay, unsurprisingly, doesn’t move from this spot. They open their 2020 schedule in week 3 when they host the expansion Frisco Fighters on March 22nd.

5. Spokane Shock(5) – Result: DNP

Rounding the top five, the Shock didn’t play this week either. So, they don’t move in the rankings either. Spokane will make their IFL debut on March 22nd when they travel to take on the Bismarck Bucks in week three.

6. Quad City Steamwheelers(7) – Result: W 54-39 v. Cedar Rapids

Quad City actually jumps up a spot despite the number 6 team not playing this week. Quad City, led by dynamic EJ Hilliard, traveled into Cedar Rapids and were impressive. The first half of the game was rough for Quad City but they got it together and put some separation between them in Cedar Rapids. Hilliard had 172 combined yards and 4 total touchdowns(3 rushing). Tre Harvey added some surprising production from the wide receiver position and Keyvan Rudd returned a kickoff for a touchdown. The defense forced two turnovers of Cedar Rapids on their way to the win.

7. Duke City Gladiators(6) – Result: DNP

The 2019 CIF Champions didn’t play but dropped a spot because of how close they were ranked to Quad City in week one. The impressive showing by Quad moves them up but they get the opportunity to reclaim it this week when they make their IFL debut when they travel to take on the expansion Frisco Fighters this Thursday.

8. San Diego Strike Force(9) – Result: W 50-36 v. Bismarck

The other winning team this past weekend, San Diego jumps up one spot, as well in the rankings. The game with Bismarck was very close but Michael Carrillo and company did enough to come out with the W. With the win, they match their 2019 total: a good start. Carrillo accounted for 132 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. He did throw two picks, though. San Diego got some nice production from RB Nathaniel Chavious. Chavious had 65 total yards and 3 total touchdowns(2 rushing). Marques Rodgers led the team in receiving with 52 yards and a touchdown. He added a kickoff return for a touchdown, as well. San Diego hosts the Cedar Rapids River Kings in week 2.

9. Iowa Barnstormers(8) – Result: DNP

The Barnstormers lose a spot because San Diego was better than I expected in week one. Iowa still needs to prove they can replace the over 4000 lost production from 2019. They’ll get their first on March 14th when they travel to play the expansion team Oakland Panthers.

10. Bismarck Bucks(10) – Result: L 36-50 v. San Diego

Despite keeping their game close with San Diego, the offense struggled. At first, it appeared their offense was going to be much improved from 2019 but that quickly died as they continued to struggle. New starting QB Tesleem Wilson only threw for 36 yards in the game and he overthrew Ryan Feiss on several throws including a wide open touchdown. The offense play designs are there, but the execution was lacking. No receiver caught more than one pass. Their best offensive weapon was RB Shad Thornton who ran for 40 yards. Thornton also caught a touchdown pass and Wilson ran in a touchdown, as well. They travel to the 2019 IFL Champions Sioux Falls Storm in week two.

11. Cedar Rapids River Kings(11) – Result: L 39-54 v. Quad City

Cedar Rapids stays at 11 despite the loss. They clawed their way back into the game against Quad City in the second half and showed that this team is going to be improved for the 2020 season. Starting QB Derrick Bernard, the new starter for this team, threw for 72 yards and 2 touchdowns with an interception. He ran for 42 yards and a touchdown, as well. Javin Kilgo came into the game late in the second half and threw a touchdown, as well. Shaquan Curenton was their best wide receiver catching 3 passes for 30 yards and a touchdown. They travel to take on the San Diego Strike Force on March 14th.

12. Oakland Panthers(12) – Result: DNP

The Panthers don’t move this week as they didn’t play. They’ll make their IFL debut at home against the Iowa Barnstormers on Saturday, March 14th.

13. Frisco Fighters(13) – Result: DNP

The Fighters didn’t play this past weekend either. They’ll make their IFL debut. as well, this Thursday against the another expansion team in the Duke City Gladiators.

Not a lot of movement due to the lack of teams this week but I will continue the power rankings each week as the season progresses. Let me know if you agree or not and how I can improve! 

~Michael Washington-Weeks

AFN Live and XFL Host and Analyst