XFL 2020 Western Conference Uniform Review

Earlier Mark and I kicked off this two part series by covering the Eastern Conference teams, now we shift gears and change directions by reviewing the Western Conference teams of the Seattle Dragons, the Los Angeles Wildcats, the Dallas Renegades and the Houston Roughnecks! Without further delay, let’s get started!

Seattle Dragons

Mike: The Dragons were the second team that concerned me when it came to their uniforms. The odd color combination of dark blue, dark green and orange was a combination that felt as if it they could have trouble bringing it together; they did an admirable job considering. The most noticeable thing about the uniforms is the helmets. Like the other seven teams, the helmets do not disappoint. The XFL did something unique and took the Dragons’ logo and added it around the ear piece, something that is uncommon in most professional football leagues. The logo really steals the overall show. The other part of the helmet that stands out is that it’s white but prominently features all three colors from the solid orange strip down the center to the dark green facemask. Outside of the helmets, the rest of the home uniform doesn’t work for me. The blue on blue takes away from the overall experience and feel of the uniforms because the orange and dark green don’t do anything to support and elevate the uniform. Though the home uniforms are a miss for me overall, the away jerseys are hit. The orange numbers and dark green makeup the best overall away uniforms, the dark blue isn’t featured as much which helps the uniforms more compared to the home uniforms. Overall, these uniforms are probably my least favorite of the eight and felt like a missed opportunity.

Mark: This is not going to be to a very positive review for Seattle. I’ll start with the only good thing about the uniform and that is the use of  Dragon design on the helmets. They were able to take a very cartoonish logo and make it look Strong and powerful. I also love the choice of the white as the primary color to make the dragon stand out better. Lets start with the away jerseys. They look like a carbon copy of the Florida A&M rattlers  jerseys from the NCAA. They used no originality in this design. Now to the home jerseys which based on the color scheme chosen for Seattle are very boring which should not be the case with these colors. The dark blue and green clash with each other and the orange does nothing to make the uniform stand out. This is easily the worst uniforms in the XFL.

Los Angeles Wildcats

Mike: Easily the worst team name in the XFL, the Wildcats benefited from having one of the best color schemes. The black, orange and red made for the easiest translation from color scheme to uniform. The home uniforms are absolute fire. As I said about the black on black combination for the Guardians in the Eastern Conference, black on black uniforms are the best color on color uniforms to have because they make everything else come together. The helmet, probably the worst of the eight teams, highlights the generic “LA” logo and thanks to the red and orange, it pops against the black background. The orange facemask was the correct choice because it lightens the overall helmet and helps bring character to the uniform. The red is used in a supportive role and works the best on the pants and jersey, while the orange is used for the numbers and sparingly throughout the rest of uniform gluing it together cohesively. Meanwhile, the away jerseys struggle to make the same impact as the home uniforms do. The orange doesn’t help in the same way it did with the home uniforms and the white on white suffers from lack of a darker color element making the whole uniform appear mediocre at best. The red numbers don’t have the same impact as the orange numbers for the home uniforms and the black helmet feels out of place when you’re looking at the whole piece.

Mark: From the worst uniforms in the XFL to one of the best. This team has the most generic name but one of the best color schemes and they followed it up with a great uniform and helmet combination. These helmets are amazing and only a notch below the Guardians because the logo isn’t as good but they actually made it work so well on this helmet. I absolutely love the home uniform combo the black on black looks great and then the red on the side and going down the pants like a wildcat scratch was on point for me. The away jersey are alright my only issue is they are a little close to an old NFL teams uniforms from years past. If they had chosen just a tad darker orange it woul have completed this overall great unifroms design. I do like on the away uniforms how they use the black to accent the orange. Also, the helmets pop so much with the away uniform combo. Overall this is the 1B to the Guardians 1A unifroms.

Dallas Renegades

Mike: At first glance, the Renegades’ uniforms reminded me of the Tennessee Titans uniforms from the NFL. Upon further review, they have a lot of the same concepts of design. The blue shoulder to shoulder color followed by a secondary color underneath reminds me a lot of the light blue on dark blue design from the Titans. With that said, the Renegades’ uniforms work but are still disappointing in overall appeal. The logo, which is one of the worst of the eight teams, in my opinion, gets lost in translation with the helmet. The helmet, which is the light blue color of their scheme, blends with the blue parts of the logo. I fear the translation will get lost on national television and the only thing we’ll be able to see is the red of the eyes and black of the bandana. The red is underwhelming and rarely used in the uniforms, While the red isn’t prominent in their logo, it could have been used in a more effective manner to help glue the uniform together; the red is absent in the away uniforms, as well. The whole concept feels like a massively missed opportunity and might be my least favorite out of all the uniforms the XFL revealed.

Mark: On to Dallas the team I have chosen as my second favorite team in the XFL. I see a lot of people out their don’t like the logo or the colors chosen for this team. Personally i love both and I think they did a great job in using the the light blue with the black and red. A common theme you will see is my love for the helmets and that because I feel they did a great job with the helmets all around. For Dallas the helmet is amazing. not often you would think that a light blue prominent helmet would look good but it looks great. using the black and red stripe down the middle and then the black logo with the red eyes on the side just stands out perfectly to me. I feel the combo for the away and home uniforms were done very well with breaking of the primary black home and white away by using a secondary color of light blue for home and black for away to break the colors up nicely. the only issue I have is they could have used the red color a tad more within the jerseys. Overall this is the third best uniforms in the XFL.


Houston Roughnecks

Mike: And last, but not least, the Houston Roughnecks’ uniforms! The color scheme of silver, red and blue is on full display with the designs chosen for their 2020 season. One of the two teams to not feature a primary color on primary color scheme, the Roughnecks are privileged with the BattleHawks in receiving different color pants from their tops. The XFL was smart with their concept for these uniforms, mainly because all three colors are fairly dark. Silver is more of a shade than a lightening color which actually helps with the dark red and dark blue when you’re not flooding the uniform. The red top is highlighted with blue throughout, while the silver bottoms are highlighted in the same manner. The away uniforms don’t actually feature any white at all, instead the generic white, standard for away uniforms, is replaced with the silver. In this particular situation, the uniforms really pop. The Roughnecks possibly could be the front runners for the best away uniforms. The helmet doesn’t distract from the overall uniform and the logo is featured prominently against the background. The overall effect of the color scheme and usage of those colors works and makes for one of the better uniforms revealed for the 2020 season of the XFL.

Mark: My biggest issue with Houston was the color scheme they chose for this team the red, silver, and blue. The uniforms did nothing to change those issues for me. First, once again i love the helmets the shiny silver was an excellent choice for this team. The home and away uniforms aren’t bad but they aren’t good either. The color choice was safe and the uniform design was just as safe. They took no risk in these uniforms. I do like the star on the side of the shoulder pads for Texas. The red and blue color choices do work well as they went on the darker side with each other and are appealing to the eyes but again they took no risk. I think if this team had a better color scheme we would have gotten a better uniform. For me Houston falls into the same group as St. Louis and DC.


Mike: 1. Los Angeles Wildcats; 2. New York Guardians; 3. St. Louis BattleHawks; 4. Houston Roughnecks; 5. Tampa Bay Vipers; 6. D.C. Defenders; 7. Dallas Renegades; 8. Seattle Dragons

Mark: 1. New York Guardians; 2. Los Angeles Wildcats; 3. Dallas Renegades; 4. Tampa Bay Vipers; 5. St. Louis BattleHawks; 6. Houston Roughnecks; 7. D.C. Defenders; 8. Seattle Dragons

Overall, the XFL did a fantastic job at producing classy and professional looking uniforms. They’re definitely taking steps in the right direction in putting out the best football product, on all levels, that they can to succeed. The biggest takeaway from the uniforms is that the XFL did their best work with all eight helmets. Here we go as a we head full steam into February and to kickoff for the inaugural XFL season!

Michael Washington-Weeks & Mark Angst – Hosts of AFN Live