September 21, 2021

XFL 2K20 Video Game Concept

I think a lot of people want an XFL video game. Some former Madden players have jumped to Maximum Football and Axis Football to try the new alternatives to the EA Sports behemoth of a franchise. Others still cling onto the nostalgia of NCAA 14, Blitz the League or older Madden games where you could still fully customize your teams. If you’ve noticed I’ve skipped over an iconic football franchise. That’s right Backyard Football, I’m just kidding I’m talking about the ESPN NFL 2K Series. This franchise was dominant in the early 2000’s, going toe-to-to with Madden before they picked up an exclusive NFL license starting with Madden 06 and although 2K Football tried to come back with a spiritual successor in All-Pro Football 2K8 (the first football video game to be made by 2K Sports) the football line of 2K sports games died out.


It’s important to note that All-Pro Football 2K8 was made by 2K Sports because 2K Sports has been making WWE 2K video games since 2013 when they released WWE 2K 14. Who owns WWE, that’s right, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Now, who owns Alpha Entertainment Inc. LLC (the group that owns the XFL), Vincent Kennedy McMahon. So, if 2K Sports has been working with Vince on his WWE games since 2013 and they have made a football video game before in All-Pro Football 2K8, who’s to say that Vince and 2K Sports aren’t on good terms. With that we can ask ourselves, what if Vince decides to enlist 2K Sports to make him an XFL video game and they say yes, what should the game include? 


We can start with the basics, an exhibition mode for casual play. This has been a staple of football video games and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Maybe they can even throw in a first person game mode like found in ESPN NFL 2K5 to give an immersive experience, maybe even use 8d audio for when you have headphones on to hear the crowd yelling and the smashing of the pads. Maybe you could also be able to play as teams from The Spring League (like how the Madden games of the early 2000’s had NFL Europe teams) and let players import customized teams as well. 


Another mode that I think the game should have is the mini-camp mode. On the older Madden games this where you could practice your field goals, coffin corner kicking, pocket passing and more. I always enjoyed these as time killers when I didn’t have enough time to play full games or when I wanted to sharpen my skills in game. This can also double a training camp in franchise mode as well. 


Speaking of franchise mode, who doesn’t love building a team up over the years, making blockbuster trades and more. Something I enjoyed doing was uploading my own custom teams and running all over the league (we will dive into custom teams later). In some of the NBA 2K games you can have expansion teams, something that I wish more games let you do, maybe we can see that here as well. I love the more in-depth free agency and scouting the newer Madden games and I’d hope to see these features jump to an XFL video game.


Something I have been missing for years is they true customization of teams. Yes, relocating team in the more recent Madden games are ok, but it’s not placing a team in your hometown fun. The “generic logos” from games like Madden 07 made it so easy to pick out an identity and then make your own uniforms and stadium. Let’s go even one step further though, you could be able to upload logo files from the web or your device. Maximum Football also has a logo editor where you can build logos from scratch. I love this type of detail as it leaves limitless opportunity to what a team can look like. Add in customizable players and this would be a level of customization never seen before.


One last mode that should be brought into the game is a hall of fame career mode. You get drafted, traded, the whole nine yards. I don’t hear a lot of people calling for this mode to be coming back so I wanted to keep this part short.


People are starting to look to Madden alternatives and with the XFL coming back I don’t see why an XFL video game wouldn’t work.