XFL Now | December 5, 2019 | Grady Raskin Interview

@KDKevinDrake1 had an opportunity to chat with @XFLRenegades President @GradyRaskinXFL this week.

Here are some highlights:

The Alternative Football News Network’s Kevin Drake, Co-Host and Lead Reporter for XFL Now, had the opportunity to talk with XFL Dallas President Grady Haskins. His experience in the Dallas sports market includes working with the Dallas Stars and The Texas Rangers. 

Besides the normal pleasantries, when asked why Grady decided to sign with the XFL Grady stated:

You know, the XFL, I was around the first go-around but learning and talking to the people at the home office in Stanford in learning more about all the research and development and everything that’s gone behind and what is coming forward for us at the XFL really was intriguing; the ability to create something from nothing, create a new professional team and a new professional football league was really entertaining and exciting for me.

Lastly, being able to put together the front office, being able to put a group of superstars together was something I really couldn’t pass up. 

When asked about the football culture of North Texas Grady told of his love of the game and the reason XFL and XFL Dallas, in general, is here.

Football is king, not just across the United States but certainly here in North Texas, yes Dallas is big, Arlington is massive and Fort Worth is a big supporter. I think we have a lot of our high school state championships going on this weekend, so there’s a lot of people that are focusing. We’re not trying to take anybody’s place, we’re just interested in extending the football season.

“We’re for the love of football, we’re just an extension…”

Listen in for the entire interview.

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