September 21, 2021

XFL Now | October 23, 2019 | Ten Weeks & Phase 5

Did you miss us? Yeah, we know you did!

Ten weeks, Ten Glorious Weeks of Professional Football and it starts in our nation’s capital! Phase 5 of the draft took place and we now have the results to discuss with RJ Ciancio of the AFN Talk column Cinancio Speaks Sports as he joins the team.

KD managed to get a few words in with XFL Houston Roughnecks PJ Walker at a fan meet and greet. Listen in and find out if KD asks the correct questions or will the Tier 1 QB smoke him for a Touchdown Pass?

The game rolls into the fourth quarter as we bring our KEY picks to the table for discussion on Phase 5 of the inaugural XFL Draft. Harry takes the team to the endzone with his comments on his pick!

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