XFL Week 2 Power Rankings

What a week 1 for the XFL! We had trick plays, hard hitting, tons of scoring, and a high level of football. The opening weekend went way better then I think anyone expected and it leaves me even more excited for the next 9 regular season weeks and 2 weeks of the playoffs! With that let’s get into the rankings!

  1. DC Defenders 1-0 (Last Week: 1): The Defenders struggled a bit in the beginning of the game but played like the favorite they were in the second half. They scored 19 of their 31 points in the second half. Jones took a little to get in rhythm but once he did this offense played up to their potential. The running game needs to play better to keep this team balanced. The defense needs to continue with the momentum that built in the second half last as next week they’re at home against New York.
  2. St. Louis Battlehawks 1-0 (Last Week: 5): St. Louis had the biggest upset of the weekend as 9.5 point underdogs on the road in Dallas. Speaking of being on the road, the Battlehawks were the only visiting team to win. Ta’amu struggled early on but was able to use his feet to extend drives to get this team going. The running game looked great overall and should continue to be a strength. The defense did a great job in slowing down an offense expected to put up lots of points. St. Louis will once again be on the road in Houston next week.
  3. New York Guardians 1-0 (Last week: 7): New York had a strong showing in week one, especially by the defense. This bend but don’t break defense was able to cause key turnovers especially in the red zone and gave up only 3 points. Matt McGloin looked better then expected but needs to continue to improve because overall, it was not a strong showing for him. The wide receivers bailed McGloin out several times during the game. The run game struggled a bit but did it’s job on the extra point plays. Next week is a tough test for New York as they travel to DC.
  4. Dallas Renegades 0-1 (Last week: 2): Dallas struggled very much in week 1 to get any rhythm going on offense. The starter at quarterback Landry Jones was out this week and that’s why they didn’t fall down the rankings. The backup Phillip Nelson didn’t play bad but could not find the end zone. The running game and wide receivers did not help Nelson out in the game. The one bright spot for this team was the defense and if they can keep this up this team will be tough to beat once the offense gets on track. Dallas goes on the road next week to LA.
  5. Houston Roughnecks 1-0 (Last week: 8): This was a team that I had a lot of questions about coming into the season: one of them was at quarterback but Phillip Walker looked like the best quarterback in the league this weekend. Cam Phillips was a bright spot for this team. Sammie Coates, the expected star receiver, still struggled with drops which has plagued him throughout his entire career. Also, this running game needs to pick it up to help out Walker. The defense struggled in the first half but pitched a shutout in the second half. Houston welcomes St. Louis to town next week.
  6. Seattle Dragons 0-1 (Last week: 4): Brandon Silvers came out of the gate very strong but struggled to sustain his momentum. The strength of this team was the running back group and they proved it this week. The wide receiver group will get some much needed help in returning receiver Kasen Williams and newly signed CFL legend SJ Green. Green hold the record for most receiving yards in the CFL. Defensively this team played well in the first half but once the offense bogged down the defense was asked to do to much. Next week they welcome Tampa Bay to town.
  7. Tampa Bay Vipers 0-1 (Last week: 3): Tampa and quarterback Aaron Murray struggled this week. Murray made some key errors in the worst part of the field: the red zone. Murray looked overmatched at times in this game. The running game played very well and the offense will continue to lean on those backs to make plays. Quinton Flowers the backup quarterback was a bright spot for this team and I expect we should see more of him earlier in games moving forward. Tampa’s defense played well despite the offense struggling. Next week Tampa is on the road, again, going to Seattle.
  8. LA Wildcats 0-1 (Last week: 6): Where to start with this team? First, this team was missing it’s starting quarterback in Josh Johnson and decided to start Chad Kanoff who had only been with the team for 2 weeks. Kanoff looked good early on but buckled once the pressure started to build. The running game played well until the defense started to key in on them because Kanoff was not making plays. Winston Moss is the only defensive oriented head coach in the league but that group struggled. In some shocking news the team has fired it’s defensive coordinator and cut it’s defensive captain. Next week Dallas comes to town.

Week 1 was great and I expect each week to get better and better! 

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~Mark Angst

Analyst of XFL Now and co-host of AFN Live